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Features of the best webshop

Realtime editing products and categories

Because the control panel of the shop is integrated to the front of the shop you instantly see your changes as how the visitor would see it. Use the front of the shop to find products and directly click on the desired product that you want to adjust or to delete.

Want to change the order of the way products and categories are listed? By simply drag and drop with your mouse the order can be changed.

Manage all products from a glance

Divide your products on self-created categories, upload product images and define the selling price. You can even configure a minimum order amount that gives free shipping. You can use the convenient upload and download function to easily adjust all your products in Microsoft Excel.

Manage product attributes such as color and size

Set different product attributes such as color and size, with its own price and stock level. Customers can even specify how you have to print the products for them.

Different products, different discounts

Do you give discounts on larger order quantities? Then use our quantity discount function (staffel price). You can also offer free shipping over a certain order amount. And if you want to highlight new products or products with a discount, you can assign them a label.

Suitable for any type of product

Our customers sell absolutely everything through their webshop. From virtual products like eBooks to events and services. See our extensive portfolio to see how other merchants use our webshop solution.

Quickly adjust your catalog

On a convenient way you can modify large numbers of products through the import / export function. The import / export function works with CSV and Microsoft Excel files. Easily update your catalog by adding new products, decrease or increase prices or add new images. The import / export function also supports multiple languages ​​and categories. For the well-known open-source systems we offer a migration service so your products can be transferred without worries.

From order to delivery

Process your orders from order to delivery. Direct overview of all orders, paid or to be paid and orders to be delivered. Also packing slips and invoices can easily be printed out and contains a barcode. A separate order management system is no longer required!

The added value of the best webshop

  • Unique management experience: Your maintenance work is taking place at the front of the shop
  • Flexible import / export function: debtors, orders and the complete catalog can be imported and exported to CSV or Microsoft Excel
  • Protect Product Images: provide your product images with a watermark, so they are useless for your competitors
  • Free delivery from a predetermined order amount
  • Define product variants as size and color
  • Complete order overview (created, paid, shipped)
  • Complete stock management system